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If you are notified by the Board or Bureau, which issued your processional license in the state of California, that you are under investigation or facing a possible denial, suspension or revocation of your license, contact our Office so that we can assist in negotiating and resolving any complaints made against you.

Attorney Natalia Matusik provides professional license defense throughout the State of California.

Professionals working in California are required by law to hold current professional licenses in order to continue practicing their profession. California has approximately 50 regulatory agencies that license business, occupations and professions, ranging from legal, medical, construction and service industries. Professionals in these and other fields depend upon their ability to hold a valid license in order to be in business and maintain their practice.


Attorney Natalia Matusik is a former prosecutor and a former Deputy Attorney General in the Licensing Section of the California Attorney General's Office who is an aggressive trial attorney ready to handle your formal Administrative Hearing or Administrative Appeal. 

Types of Licenses we Defend


· Board of Accountancy; 

· Acupuncture Board;

· Arbitration Certification Program;

· California Architects Board; 

· Athletic Commission of California;

· Bureau of Automotive Repair; 

· Board of Barbering and Cosmetology;

· Board of Behavioral Sciences; 

· Bureau of Cannabis Control; 

· Cemetery and Funeral Bureau;

· Board of Chiropractic Examiners; 

· Contractors State License Board;

· Court Reporters Board;

· Dental Board of California;

· Dental Hygiene Board of California;

· Board for Professional Engineers, Land

  Surveyors, and Geologists; 

· Bureau of Household Goods and Services; 

· Landscape Architects Technical Committee;

· Naturopathic Medicine Committee;

· California Board of Occupational Therapy; 

· Board of Optometry; 

· Osteopathic Medical Board of California;

· Board of Pharmacy; 

· Physical Therapy Board of California;

· Physician Assistant Board;

· Board of Pediatric Medicine; 

· Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education; 

· Professional Fiduciaries Bureau;

· Board of Psychology; 

· Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers;

· Board of Registered Nursing; 

· Respiratory Care Board;

· Bureau of Security and Investigative Services; 

· Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and

  Hearing Aid Dispensers Board;

· Structural Pest Control Board;

· Veterinary Medical Board;

· Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians.

Hiring the right attorney to defend your Professional License


If your license is subject to a disciplinary action due to an arrest or a criminal conviction, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who is knowledgable in both criminal law and license defense/administrative civil law. 

Many criminal attorneys do not have the knowledge and experience in the area of administrative licensing law. Different burdens of proof and different rules of evidence apply in the Office of Administrative Hearings versus a criminal proceeding in the Superior Court. 

Licensing cases brought before licensing authorities and professional boards work completely differently. And while many criminal defense attorneys might recommend that you settle your criminal case, often they do so without realizing that this can negatively impact the outcome of your licensing case. Finally, criminal attorneys also could recommend that you participate in a criminal diversion program to get your criminal charges dropped. State licensing boards, however, do not view diversion programs as the same as a criminal dismissal. 

Many professionals maintain licenses to practice their professions in multiple states. Multi-state licensure opens you up to California license board disclosure requirements if you are convicted of a crime in another state, or even arrested or are accused of another crime while in another state, this can put your California license at risk. 

Automatic reporting of criminal accusations and convictions to licensing boards via the internet now means this can happen virtually immediately. California and state licensing authorities also have no mandatory duty to remove publicly available information about a licensee’s convictions from their websites, including expunged criminal records, e.g. convictions that are eventually dismissed under Penal Code Sec 1203.4 and Sec. 1203.4(a). So, if you are accused or convicted of a crime, this becomes public information. 

Hiring a knowledgable attorney in these situations is critical since (unlike in a criminal proceeding where if you are arrested you are deemed innocent until proven guilty), in a licensing accusation, even if you are just arrested for a crime, with automated reporting, you will be asked to immediately explain your arrest to your state licensing board. 

It is even more critical to hire an attorney attorney who is skilled in both administrative law (who knows how to defend your professional license) and criminal law. You need to both reduce your risk of a criminal conviction and do so while not endangering your professional license. 

If you are a California professional licensed to practice in California or in other states and are being investigated by your Board or have received a letter or Accusation, call attorney Natalia Matusik immediately.